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I am not ready for the world to return to normal. My 2019 was a setback in so many ways, starting over in a new city, and I’ve been grateful for this slowing down of the world to give me a chance to catch up a little. I’ve been playing music every night in a totally free and fun way, learning and breaking through a little bit each day. My drumming has never sounded so good, and my songwriting is coming back to me after not really building anything in almost a year.

Writing software has been a surprisingly educational creative practice too. I think my problem solving skills are the sharpest they’ve ever been, and iterating over code, improving it each time, is a really good compositional practice that has bled into my songwriting practice too. Besides watching TV and eating, I am pretty much fully creative all day every day. I should probably read more and watch TV less, especially now that I am preparing to write the lyrics for a bunch of songs I’m working on.

I put a list together and I’m working on four (!!) albums at the moment. I have so much material, and have been waiting to feel like I can really use my voice like I want to. Getting back into a vocal practice routine has been hard, and I’m not exactly sure why, but I listened to and sang along to my old albums the other day for a few hours and my voice sounded so good. I also cried a bunch of times singing some of my old songs — some very tough memories come up with these songs, which can sometimes be like snapshots of life that you come back to when you are in the middle of the song.

I got some nice mail this week, including a poem someone wrote about me which was very good and very inspiring. One of my roommates moved out too, which will be really nice to have some more space at home. Another is leaving next month, and then I will be so close to another dream coming true. I swear this year has been all the fulfillment and manifestation I’ve been seeking all coming true. My history tells me that the quality of a year usually changes mid-way through, so fingers crossed that this little golden period lasts a little longer than just a few months.

Ok, thanks for reading, I love you.