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Healing Time

I’m busy ok?

My arm is still healing, though it’s a lot better, and I’ve started relearning how to play guitar. I still haven’t drummed yet since my injury, but I’ll ease into it.

I’ve also been singing for hours each day and clearing loads from my lungs. I did a cleanse a few weeks ago as per the new Anthony William book Cleanse to Heal and it actually has worked wonders. So much so that I’ve decided to eliminate dairy, eggs, and wheat from my diet indefinitely. I’ll probably do another cleanse next week because I really feel so much different afterwards.

I’ve been able to cook again since I only live with one other person now and I can finally use the kitchen. The last time I used a kitchen regularly was in 2016, and it feels so good to be able to make what I want. Lots of salads and smoothies, but I also bought a pressure cooker/air fryer combo and have made chili, curry, and sweet potato fries all in the last few days.

I’ve also been going on hikes in nature since the weather around here has been so perfect and I’ve discovered a bunch of beautiful paths all less than an hour from my house. Just walking in nature alone is really what I want to be doing every day, so I have done it every day for almost a week now.

All the civil unrest everywhere is the same old shit. America is full of racist and opportunistic white people who have forever exploited others, and will continue to until values shift. I have been off of news and social media, so the shit doesn’t get to me the way it would if I was addicted to information, but it’s still something I think a lot about solving. I’ve given up on trying to help people after being so betrayed by so many people who I thought I loved (most of them white people), but once I am on my feet completely, I will start building community and doing what I can to foster what I need in order to feel a sense of belonging. Being black in Nashville is a tough hand — prejudice is so normal here it’s like breathing, and discrimination against black folks can be subtle from the more “refined” whites, and more blantant from the ignorant ones, but it’s a racist place all the same. Say what you will about Memphis, but at least black folks are the majority there!

Oh yeah I also shaved my mustache last night for the first time since 2011. I really look like my dad, which is strangely comforting. If you want a picture, just ask.