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Drifting Further

I’m slowly healing. My injury was the (hopefully) final manifestation of my own self-destructive tendencies. I finally have stability and have insulated myself from the vampires and fairweather friends in my life. I am on a path to a full rehabilitation, and I can only hope my body cooperates.

I’m driving 1000 miles next week to see an acupuncturist. I started running again and it’s been great. My chest is opening up and I really want to live for the first time in a long time. I’m also going to visit my family next week and it’ll be nice to have some reliable company.

I think I’m going to leave the country next year and go live somewhere nice, like Holland or Norway. America has proven itself to be a dangerous monster to itself and to a lot of the rest of the world (a lot like the people I know here).

I probably won’t release any new music until later this year since I am only starting to play guitar again, and my voice is getting better but I still can’t sing the way I want to. Performance in clubs doesn’t seem likely to come back any time soon either, which is kind of a bummer but also kind of eye-opening. The whole industry of performance was on pretty shaky ground to begin with — lots of people with guitars with very little to say getting up on stage to help real businessmen sell drinks. No real value in any of that.

I think I’ll post a pic of me without my stache soon since you all reading this are maybe curious and so loyal as to be here to keep in touch with me (sort of).

Don’t forget to write — see ya