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Why I Feel OK About the Virus

I’ve started reading Dr Joel Fuhrman’s Super Immunity and some of his passages from the very first chapter speak to the situation that our world finds itself in today (the book was published in 2013). According to his understanding, the most responsible thing you can do to stop the spread of viruses is to bolster your immune system by eating immune-boosting foods, and by avoiding foods that make us sick.

The problem with our culture’s dietary habits is that we mainly eat foods that make us sick, and then we take pharmaceutical drugs thinking that they can stop the detrimental effects of our poor choices. Really, those drugs just make things worse over time, even if on paper our blood sugar or cholesterol levels appear to be improving. So during this pandemic, while people are panicking about hospital beds and respirators, I’m thinking “How about we just stop eating trash ands start eating nutritious foods?”

People look at me with disdain sometimes these days when I walk into a store or restaurant without a face covering. I don’t own one and I don’t plan to start wearing one. Should I be instead resenting folks who treat their bodies like garbage disposals, eating trash, and putting everyone around them at risk by becoming potential hosts for disease?

People with weakened immunity become hosts to viruses and get sick, potentially spreading the germs to those they come in contact with. Even worse is that if the virus continues to multiply inside the host, it often mutates and can become even more virulent and dangerous. So without trying to sound too callous, since most people are simply ignorant about the effects of what they are eating, but this virus might be nature’s way of phasing out those who consistently make poor choices with regard to food.

The sad thing is that our society is so horribly misinformed because we have major institutions (like the FDA) who provide bad information, telling people to eat lots of dairy and bread because they are in the pockets of food industry giants. The conclusion that I’ve come to is that the level of processing of food is inversely proportional to its nutritional potential. The more you process a natural food, the less good it becomes for you.

Even cooking a vegetable, a light form of processing, can greatly reduce its nutritional benefit. Eating raw foods is the best way to maximize the potential benefit of foods from what I can tell.

I’ve also survived a few illnesses myself without medical insurance, having healed from the illnesses on my own through changes in diet and habit. Having recovered from some serious illnesses without anyone’s help has given me the confidence to deal with whatever fate hands me. It seems like most people have the misguided idea that medical establishment can help them, when the truth is Western medicine is really most useful only when things are already dire. Emergency medicine is helpful in acute situations, but if you’re at that point already then you’ve really been messing up for a while!

So I guess what I’m saying is: learn what foods make you well and make you sick, change your diet accordingly, and respect yourself and your fellow humans by doing so. I started educating myself about food only about 10 years ago, and I’ve made lots of healthy changes that have done me lots of good. The illnesses I’ve encountered have come up usually after bouts of self-destructive behavior that I was aware of while I was conducting myself that way. These days, my life is maybe the best it has ever been in terms of comfort and creativity, so I am fully motivated to take care of myself to extend this streak for as long as I can.